Why Buying a Home is an Investment option in These Changing Times

Nov 23, 2021

Are you looking for a good investment option in the post-pandemic scenario? The current real estate market is becoming more favourable for buyers, and buying a house is one of the most secure and long-term investments you can make now. So, if you are financially sound, here are 5 reasons why buying a home is an investment option during this period.

  • Excellent Interest Rates

As the pandemic hit the country, the interest rates of home loans became all-time low. Lower interest rates translate to lower EMIs for you and a long term to repay the loans. Now, most banks and other loan providers offer you home loans at lower interest rates starting from 6.70% with a period of up to 30 years.
That means if you take a loan of Rs. 50 lakhs at this interest rate for 15 years, your EMI will only be around Rs. 43,000, and you will pay around Rs. 6.744 less than what a borrower would pay if the interest were 9%, as was the case in 2019.
Most banks also provide a home loan with zero processing fees, doorstep service and home loan insurance, making the transaction easy and more secure. So, you can quickly get the amount for investing in your home and repay it at ease. 

  • Savings Overtime

Owning a house can help you save money in many ways. Primarily, paying back a home loan or an EMI is always more rewarding than paying rent. While you own a house, you build equity, and the appreciated land value will give you higher returns in the future. Paying rent does not result in the creation of any physical asset. Also, with current interest rates for home loans, you will save much more over the loan tenure than ever before. This means that by the end of your loan tenure, you will save around Rs 12 lakhs for an amount of Rs 50 lakhs taken for 15 years.
Having a house of your own also increases your credit score, and opting for a home loan offers you tax benefits. You can claim a deduction from your total income up to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh by presenting the interest portion of the EMI for the home loan paid for the year. So, invest now to reap more benefits.  

  • Best Contingency Plan

Owning a house during this changing time is one of the best contingency plans you can have. Many people faced trouble during the pandemic due to the quarantine and the lockdown. Many landlords refused to let people from abroad, and other states take quarantine in rented houses. Also, as all companies started work from home, cut salaries, and some even lost their jobs and many might have found maintaining rents very difficult.

You, too, might have gone through similar situations. If you invest in a house, you need not worry about any of these. You need not ask permission from landlords and can have a safe stay at your own home. You can also get credit from banks quickly by pledging your home to start a new venture and overcome all contingencies caused by the pandemic.

  • Low Property Price

Based on the data provided by RBI, the pandemic has affected home purchase prices tremendously. Prices have stabilised since May 2020 as RBI decreased the Repo rate by 4%. Also, flats and properties are available at competitive rates with multiple payment options these days.

As only a few buyers are in the market, sellers close deals sooner than before. There is less competition in the market, and it will help you make the best bid.

  • Fast and Convenient Process

Although buying a home before the pandemic required a lot of documentation and procedures to apply for a home loan, it has become as easy as online shopping now. Most home loan providers offer online services, and the government has come up with e-ways to finish most of the purchase procedures. 

Reputed builders in Kerala have also opened more options online to help you purchase your dream home. The digital platform has made buying a house faster, safer, and convenient during these times. This enables you to avoid delays and grab your new home at the best price within no time.  

  • Stable Investment

Unlike any other investment, investing in a house means you are ensuring a safe future. While the stock market and mutual fund investments are volatile and unpredictable, buying a home is stable. The value of your property increases with all alterations you make to it, and you can lease it for a regular source of income. Rental yields are also expected to improve as people are returning to workplaces. These factors indicate an upward movement in the value of homes and better returns.

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