Top 5 Interior Options To Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious

Oct 21, 2021

Are you planning on upscaling your apartment in Thrissur but don’t want to spend tons of money on it??  Here are a few tricks and tips for you! These budget-friendly styling techniques will allow you to make your living space lavish. You will see that some of them can help you add more value to your property and make it more functional!

The Brighter, The Better!

Installing sunroofs, adding lamps, statement chandeliers or other light fixtures and even candles can make your living space more lavish. A well-lit area gives the illusion of a larger and cleaner space. It also helps you add dimensions to the room and give it a better structure. 

A brightly lit room not only amps up your space but also your productivity levels! It elevates your apartment as well as the quality of life!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Having mirrors in your living areas is both functional and decorative. Mirrors are cost-effective ways to change the vibe of any room instantly! Since they reflect light, they can brighten up a space and make them look much larger visually! This makes your home seem larger and more luxurious.

Go Green!

Becoming a plant parent and housing greenery in your apartment can prove to be highly helpful for you. Not only does it help you improve yourself on a personal level, but it also elevates your apartment aesthetic tenfold. Having indoor plants in your rooms can boost productivity. It also adds colour, warmth and texture to your apartment! 

Infact, you can also opt for plants like tulsi, aloe vera and ferns. They are both low maintenance plants that thrive indoors and can also help purify the air around you.

Adorning vases with fresh flowers can bring life to your home. These floral arrangements will act as your eco-friendly statement pieces. Along with colour, they will make your apartment smell like a dream! With minimal economic waste, the impact of incorporating plants into your living space is colossal! 

Play With Patterns!

Instead of sticking to a single colour scheme for the entire apartment, spruce it up! You can opt for bold colours, intricate wallpapers, textured fabrics, etc. to transform the look of the apartment. Upgrade the fabric for your upholstery and make your seating arrangement the star of the show! 

In addition to this, having accent walls and introducing fun and unexpected colours in a room can make it appear high-end and luxe! Having heavily textured and high rising curtains can be an alternative for the same too.They can add colour, control light and also make a space appear neat and put together!

Add Some Retro Beats!

By adding items sourced at thrift stores, flea markets or antique stores, you can upscale your apartment monumentally! Displaying vintage heirlooms adds more value to your space and can even act as a great conversation starter! 

If you don’t want to spend a lot on antique displays, you can grab a can of paint and DIY your furniture. By upgrading old frames, redoing dressers and rocking chairs, you can add a personal touch to these elements at the cost of practically nothing!

Find Fully Furnished Premium Apartments in Thrissur

To save yourself the hassle of designing the interiors of your new home, opt for a fully furnished luxury apartment in Thrissur. Not only will you have access to multiple community-level amenities, but also have a well-equipped and highly functional living space. Designed by top-of-the-market designers, doing this will optimize and spice up your apartment!


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