Small Apartment Balcony Ideas in Kerala

Oct 18, 2019

Are you dreaming of having a decorated balcony that can be an entertaining and a cosy place where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding and shimmering sunset? But not all of you are fanciful in decorating balcony because most of you treat this small place like storeroom where you can dump your daily utilities. But with your creativity and innovation, you can get some beautiful small apartment balcony ideas which will certainly uplift the look of your balcony. If you are living in a tiny apartment in Thrissur or a flat in Thrissur that you have purchased from a pre-eminent builders in Thrissur, these small balcony design ideas play an imperative role in your interior designing. 

.That’s why these days people are appreciating small open balcony ideas because they believe in this way, they can give a new look to their balcony which will stand out from the others. Before describing some small apartment balcony ideas, let’s take a look at some of the points that you should consider.

Measure The Space

Before decorating your balcony, don’t forget to measure its space. First, you need to measure the area and then purchase furniture and other decorative items accordingly.

Use Natural Materials

Try to use natural materials to decorate your balcony. Because in Kerala, during the summer, the temperature is extremely high. So, using natural materials is a great option to decorate your balcony.


Always check your budget before purchasing anything. Don’t spend extravagantly, only purchase the required things. Now, let’s take a look at small balcony ideas on a budget.

Add a Small Table

You can decorate your balcony in a budget-friendly way by just adding a folding coffee table in it. Go for a folding table so that you can store it inside if not required. Now, sit on the table and enjoy the sip of your coffee while watching the sunrise. You can even go for a glass topped metal table or a wooden table which will perfectly go well with your style of living. Now, place a small potted plant to make the look more beautiful and casual.

Install Built-in Seating

You can maximize easily your square footage with built-in bench seating. Now, you don’t need to worry about high winds which will knock over your furniture or make them worse. With this built-in seating system, you can enjoy the outside greenery and the morning breeze with your loved ones.

Bring in Greenery

Do you want to bring greenery in your small apartment balcony? Then, go for some  indoor garden ideaswhich will not only make this place beautiful but also uplift your inside atmosphere. Try to place some planters in your balcony. Decorate your balcony with some beautiful hanging plants and place the pots on the floor. Add some herbs, succulents, and other bushy plants which will not only look good but also smell well. You can plant scented jasmine or honeysuckle in the containers and this is certainly one of the “best balcony decorating ideas” for your small apartment in Thrissur. With the help of the internet, you can also find some small apartment balcony garden ideas which will fit on your budget.

Opt for Floor Pillows

If you have a tight budget, don’t spend extravagantly on your outdoor furniture especially if you are just renting. Instead, you should go for some colourful and comfortable floor pillows which can serve double duty (both inside and outside).

Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are very popular these days because they can change the entire look of a thing. Just revamp the look of your balcony with a patterned outdoor rug which will automatically enhance its look. But choose your rug prudently so that it can go well with the rest of the elements.

Use Your Wall Space

If you feel your balcony has limited space, why don’t you use the walls of the balcony to decorate it. These days, the markets are crammed with many weather resistant art or decorative items which you can use to decorate the wall of your balcony. You can even hang some planters to give a cool look.

Light it Up

Lights have inscribed their names as popular home decorative items in the field of interior designing. You can decorate your balcony with various cool and enchanting lights. Go for an outdoor pendant, outdoor lanterns, street lights and sconces. These lights will definitely add a sheen and a stylish glow to your balcony. Don’t choose lights which make your outdoor space too bright.

Hang a Chair or Hammock

Though you are staying in the midst of a crowded city, still with your creativity, you can feel like you are on a vacation. You can add a hanging chair or hammock to your balcony to create this type of vibe. Nowadays, the markets are crammed with the hammock of different shapes, sizes, and even materials. So, as per your taste and budget, you can pick the best one which will suit your needs. These hammocks are ideal where you can take a nap to pass the lazy afternoon away.

Go for Some Folding Furniture

If you feel that your balcony doesn’t have enough space try installing folding furniture into your balcony. You can go for folding tables or chairs that disappear to free up floor space.

Surround Yourself with Flowers

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t have a big terrace garden or a dining hall which you can decorate with various eye-catching flowers. Fortunately, there is always space for flowers. You can decorate the railing of your balcony with beautiful and stunning flowers which will sweeten your view and will add an amazing appeal to your home.

Add a Space to Recline

Are you living in a tiny apartment? Then, don’t add a lounge chair inside your room because it will take a lot of space. You can incorporate an outdoor daybed or a lounge chair into your balcony where you can soak up your hair in the sun or curl up with your favourite book. Try to add some cushions or pillows to make things extra comfortable for you.

Give Some Privacy to Yourself

Are you looking for some apartment balcony privacy ideas? Then, install some tall plant like bamboo to create a natural wall. You can even hang some bamboo shades that can be lifted or lowered manually as per your needs. You should go for some natural privacy because your balcony is just right up against your neighbours.

Add Some Shades

Do you want to sit in your balcony and enjoy the outside view irrespective of any weather? Then, go for some shade which will protect you from sun and rain. You can easily go for a classic stripe or choose some bold colours which will make your balcony standout from the others.

Decorate Your Balcony with Bohemian Style

You can easily opt Bohemian design style to decorate your favourite balcony. This type of decoration is influenced by Indian hippie or Gypsy culture. You can hang some colourful lanterns, chandeliers, unequal pillows and beaded curtains to make the atmosphere warm and comfy. Even you can dress up your outdoor balcony with tapestries, chairs, patterned rugs on the railings and floor.

Paint the Walls

You can paint the railings and the walls of your balcony with light coloured shades like blue. Also, decorate the floor in colours of brown and sand which will give an eco-friendly look to your balcony. Even you can decorate your favourite balcony with ceramic tiles or light-coloured floor carpets. Go for wood flooring which will bring a warm look to your outdoor interiors.

Use Vertical Space

Are you looking for some small apartment patio ideas on a budget? But unfortunately, you don’t have much space in your balcony, then how did you manage? Don’t worry, still decorate your balcony by utilizing the vertical space. Try to fix up some racks or shelves (wooden or plastic) on to the wall and then place some colourful planter or jars. These jars or planters are ideal where you can keep tiny plants, herbs, bushy plants, etc. This will give an amazing look to your balcony?

Add a Table Cloth

If your outdoor table is not exciting enough, the just cover it with an eye-catching table cloth. You can go for some printed or embroidered table cloth which can not only cover up the outdoor table but also uplift the look of your out space.

The above we mentioned some astounding small apartment balcony ideas Kerala which will take the look of your balcony to the next level. If you are desperately looking for some ideas so that you can decorate your balcony in an innovative way, take advice from the experts. Or by login to various interior decorating sites, you can get some amazing ideas regarding how do decorate a small apartment balcony in a budget-friendly way.

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