Interior Design Ideas For Partitions Between Living and Dining Room

Jun 28, 2022

Contemporary design with open plan living is on trend. But a divider is imperative to add in privacy. After all, a home is a private space to relax and be ourselves. Partition designs between living areas carve a small space for privacy. Room dividers provide the area a makeover without any conventional dividers. Partition wall design between living and dining is an effective addition since it allows you to separate the living area from the kitchen, dining area, or even the home office without fully separating one room from the next. Let’s go through some of the partitions between living and dining room:

1. Vertical wooden slats

    Wood architecture pays more value to the features of aesthetics traits of the space. It can be utilised in unique ways by beholding a TV frame or family photo frame and even can hang it with some DIY (Do It Yourself) or craft works. It is an easy and cost-effective construction with more life-span. Moreover, it allows unobstructed flow of light while (persisting) presenting a visual connection between the rooms. It adds a natural vibe whilst making it an exquisite home that exudes luxury and modernity. Also a wooden frame with criss-cross beams manifest an earthly look and at the same time adds to the decor and a perfect room-divider. It also delivers peace and serenity to your living environment. Place plants around the structure for the quintessential natural serenity.

2. Room divider with shelves 

      Adding bookshelves or display space is a unique hall partition design between living and dining room. The cupboard and bookshelf combination delivers storage and display space all the while serving as a room divider. Even a see-through book-shelf cordoned throughout the ceiling can be used as a workstation or gaming station or a beverages corner. It is one of the simple and solid room dividers which add on lighting and space. Flats in Thrissur prefer these kinds of dividers since it provides space and at the same time provides privacy.

3. Framed or sliding glass panels 

     Framed glass panels are a popular choice for flats in Thrissur. It oozes European styles to the homes. It is a durable and cost-effective way of glass partition designs between the living and dining. A translucent glass wall or sliding and folding glass doors to create a divider between the living area and the bedroom in a small studio apartment is a current alternative. If you decide to go with glass walls, add a layer of draperies to provide greater seclusion when needed. Glass sliders act as segregation between two rooms and provide a tranquil feel.

4. Chicken framed and ribbed glass panels


      These frames were introduced in late 1800. Wire mesh was inserted in glass sheets used in buildings to prevent them from shattering easily. Custom-made chicken-framed glasses are now more typically utilised as room separators and deliver a splendid appearance. However, in addition to being stronger than regular glass panels, they also provide some sound insulation. Ribbed glass panels also contribute to mesmerising partition wall design between living and dining room. 

5. Half-way dividers 

      Half-way living and dining dividers can add privacy without taking away the space. The half-way walls can be used as a crockery shelf or book-shelf. Even the above portion can be utilised as TV space. For apartments, these spaces are sometimes used as storage space or shoe rack. These are not intricate and at the same time act as a divider without separating the room. Half-way dividers can be utilised as tables or breakfast-space. 

6. Movable frames

    Movable frames are a low-cost and a smart way of partition between living and dining. Custom-made or DIY frames are perfectly in harmony with the home interior and flooring. Movable frames can easily be folded and stretched whenever needed. It utilises minimal space providing great privacy for cosy apartments. DIY frames can be made with a few pieces of plywood or few metal pipes and a wooden frame. The divider will provide enough privacy for whatever is behind it whilst not making the room feel any smaller. It’s a brilliant technique to combine two contrasting styles at each end of the separation without compromising the living room. These types of dividers are highly beneficial for people who choose apartment living.

7. Wall with laser-cut patterns

Partitions Between Living and Dining Room

    Laser-cut patterns in wood and metal frames add aesthetics to the decor of the room. It provides an elegant look for the interior. Luxury apartment living often behold laser-cut patterns as divider since it oozes a luxury feel and provides privacy and a mesmerising look. An abstract laser-cut pattern screen is an intriguing technique to maximise light while accurately segregating spaces. Laser-cut partitions are an excellent partition design for the living room and dining hall in apartment living with little décor. They are modern and artistic.

8. Iron frames

    A wrought iron frame creates a visually appealing barrier between your hall and living area. It doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t make your hall appear congested. It adds a luxurious impact at a very low-cost. Iron or metal frames are available in custom design, shapes and sizes. Gold-coloured iron frames add a smart look to the interior. An iron frame with some plants hanging on it provides an earthly feel. Metal and screen partitions compliment minimalistic and elegant interior design.

9. Curtain as partition


    Curtains would make an excellent partition for dining and living room. All you’d have to do is suspend one curtain rod and connect its hooks or rings. If you want to give your space a more royal appearance, consider choosing velvet curtains. However, if you want to keep it simple and light, go for gauze. Living room partition curtains are subtle ways to enhance the space without making the decor appear cluttered. Partition curtains for the living room, when deliberately designed, can give layers to the interiors and the right amount of flair to dress up your modern home. With so many alternatives, it might be difficult to select the right partition curtains design that complements the décor of your home. Bright colours are the latest trend in curtains. A beaded partition curtain design might come in handy if you don’t want to add a big curtain to your living room but want a sleek separation between the living and dining spaces. Beaded curtains offer a chic finish to any room and serve as an additional home decoration.

10. Sliding glass partition

     A sliding glass door is an incredible tactic for hall partition design between the living room and dining room. It gives the impression that your property has a lot more room. It is simple and elegant and at the same budget-friendly. We can make custom glass door sliders from the ceiling if you want to create separate rooms like an office room or study room or gaming studio within the living room. Sliding glass doors are most preferred for separating areas of ample open space. They are highly versatile, durable and look so great. So, if you’re looking for a way to divide up an open space, prefer using glass partitions. If you properly maintain it, this will serve as a divider for ages.

Wrap Up

Hope you have got a better idea of partition design ideas between living and dining from this article. If you have any ideas or queries to share, feel free to contact. Our executives can provide you complete support on your queries and services required if any. 

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