Is Buying an Apartment a Good Investment in Kerala?

Oct 18, 2019

Kerala is one of the most vivacious and beautiful states in the Southern parts of India. This state boasts of legacy, literature, culture and arts and thus, plays a big role in the tourism industry of India. Over the past few years, Kerala has noticed an astounding growth in the field of real estate and hence, this state is considered as one of the most livable states in India. Investors from all over the country are showing their inclination towards this place because every year a chunk of people are migrating to this place in order to lead a healthy and wholesome life. Nowadays, you may find many builders in Thrissur are embracing the customers with flats in Thrissur and luxury apartments in Thrissur so that they can enjoy their living.

Is buying an apartment a good investment in Kerala? Let’s unravel the truth.

Kerala is a Prime Holiday Destination

Kerala is a state which is flooded with ecstatic scenic beauty, mesmerizing beaches, serene mountains, vibrant greeneries, and colourful people. Every year, a plethora of tourists used to visit this place for their vacation. If you purchase an apartment here, you can come anytime and spend some cosy time with your family. You can consider this investment as a second home apart from your hometown. Not only this but also you can generate revenue if you have your own apartment in Kerala. You can easily rent out your apartment to the tourists and can earn a handsome amount. Because Kerala is a place where the tourists used to come throughout the year. This is one of the prime reasons that buying an apartment in Kerala is a good investment.

A Myriad of Choices

These days, Kerala has inscribed itself as one of the highly developed states in terms of real estate growth. This place offers extensive options to investors. Here, you will get properties of all sizes, design, style, as well as the budget. This is the place where you will get luxury apartments in Thrissur and other cities as well as budget-friendly property options. So, irrespective of your choices, likings or budget, it can be concluded that Kerala has everything that will certainly meet your needs and requirements. Thus, Kerala is the utmost solution for those who want to invest in an apartment to lead a robust and healthy life.


Owning an apartment is definitely a proud moment for every owner. This will uplift your status and will help you to get compliments from others because you have purchased it from a reputed builder. Since Kerala holds a good portfolio in the real estate industry, here you may find many eminent builders who are coming up with some outstanding projects to give you a better lifestyle. You will find many reputed builders in Thrissur and other places are offering you with some breath-taking options which will never burn your pocket. These companies are flooded with deft designers and engineers who are extremely talented and skillful. They never compromise with the quality and always use the best products and materials for their projects. Most of the residential projects from the reputed builders possess the latest amenities and facilities. So, if you purchase an apartment from these builders, then your apartment will remain an asset for you and certainly, you will get a plethora of appreciation for this.

Kerala Offers All the Facilities of Life

Whenever you are planning to purchase an apartment at a certain location, you should check the availability of your daily necessities. In this context, Kerala would be your utmost choice for property investment. Kerala is a state which has a solid social network and that’s why residents can easily access all the necessary amenities and facilities. Kerala has many eminent hospitals (Holy Cross Hospital, Malabar Cancer Centre, NIMS Medicity, etc.), reputed schools and institutes (govt engineering college, Kerala college of engineering & technology, NSS college of engineering, Academy of Medical Sciences, Medical college of Kozhikode, Gem International school, Trivandrum international school, etc.), shopping malls(HilIte Mall Calicut, Sobha City Mall, Grand Centre Mall, G Mall, etc.) bus stops, railway stations, and job hubs (UL Cyber Park) that you need to lead a healthy life. The state government has given a quality transportation framework so that citizens can travel comfortably from one place to another. It can be concluded that life in Kerala is comfortable and convenient. This is one of the prime reasons that buying an apartment in Kerala is always a good investment.

Competitive Pricing for the Property

Competitive pricing is an important factor that you should consider when you are planning to invest in the real estate market. Kerala is a state that offers real estate properties at competitive prices. Though the state offers a chunk of properties with a comfortable and satisfactory condition, still, the pricing is lesser as compared to the other states of the country. So, you will be a gainer if you purchase an apartment in Kerala.

Has Positive Ambience for Property Investment

The laws regarding real estate investment in Kerala are very facile and straightforward. You may not find any difficulty while accomplishing your real estate purchase. Moreover, the state has strong and robust networks of real estate consultants and agents who will help you in finding the most suitable apartment in Kerala. In Kerala, through online, you can accomplish the entire set of real estate formalities.

Tax Advantages

Just like any other real estate investment, if you have purchased an apartment in Kerala, you will certainly enjoy the benefits of a property tax deduction. These include property expenses as well as any losses in addition to other unexpected expenses that are associated with it. So, check out the tax laws and market rate, and figure out what deductions are applicable for your investment. Also read home loan process for under construction flat.

Increasing Home Values

These days, the real estate industry is thriving rapidly. The unprecedented growth of the real estate market in Kerala over the past few years has inspired many buyers to utilize their money by buying property in Kerala. So, if today you purchased an apartment at a prime location of Kerala from an eminent builder and you are planning to sell it after some years, then you will definitely get a good value for your investment. That’s why purchasing an apartment in Kerala is always a great investment option for you. Check out tips to increase property value of your home


Comfortable and convenient weather are two prime factors behind the popularity of real estate properties in Kerala. So, the climate is another prime reason that people are migrating Kerala to lead a comfortable life. This state offers a similar kind of temperature throughout the year. Kerala observes a moderate temperature during the summer and the winter. This means you can lead a comfortable life here throughout the year. This is the main thing that you never overlook if you are planning to purchase a property at a certain place. Because you don’t want to invest in such a place where the climate is too extreme. So, if you own an apartment in Kerala, you will enjoy the pleasant temperature throughout the year. Moreover, Kerala is a popular destination during the monsoon. Every year, many tourists used to visit this place to enjoy and experience monsoon and for this, they spent humongous amount. But, if you have your own flat here, you can enjoy monsoon without investing any extra amount. You can also check out how to keep top floor apartment cool in summer.

A Good Cultural Environment

These days, Kerala has emerged itself as one of the cosmopolitan states because people from other parts are relocated here to lead a better and wealthy life. Most of the people are suave, educated, cultured, and well-behaved. So, if you buy an apartment from a pre-eminent builder at a prime location, you will get good neighbours and companion, and this will surely uplift your social image and life. Most of the residential areas are thronged with good and well-behaved people and thus, you will be able to provide a healthy and good environment for their upbringing. Moreover, people are amiable and helpful, so if you need any assistance, you will get it. These kinds of friendliness and cooperation you may not get at other places. Though people are friendly, they don’t interfere in other’s personal life. So, you can enjoy your privacy without compromising your style of living. Without any doubt, buying an apartment in Kerala is a great investment decision.

A Stable Social and Political Environment

Kerala is one of the least disturbed states in terms of social and political influence. Here, you don’t find many unscrupulous or fraudulent people as most of the people are educated and hold a good value. Moreover, Kerala is one of the sacred and holy places in India. This place is crammed with many popular temples and shrines. Some of the famous temples are Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple, Ambalapuzha Sri Krishna temple, Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa temple, Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple, Nagaraja Temple, Lokanarkavu Temple, etc.

Hope from the above-mentioned point, you have understood that purchasing an apartment in Kerala is a worthy investment for you. Because of the booming real estate growth, many investors and buyers have experienced delightful returns from their investments. So, it can be concluded that Kerala is truly one of the most sought-after destinations for any kind of real estate investment in India.

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