Independent Houses Means: All You Need To Know About

Jun 06, 2022

In India, there are many different types of housing units and lodgings. There are single-family homes, flats, apartments, multi-story buildings, bungalows, villas, and a variety of other structures. Villas in Thrissur are the best option since they provide the best housing conditions and may be used as a standalone homes.

Meaning of the Term “Independent House”

Independent houses mean houses that are built on their own plot of land with their own set of boundary walls. The person who owns the property, as well as the land on which it is built, is the same. Independent houses normally are in an independent compound.

“Independent dwellings” or “villas” are single-family homes constructed on a parcel of land. They are typically low-rise structures with a prominent façade on a major highway. Some developers create luxury homes in residential neighborhoods with shared or private facilities.

The resident likes the privacy and control he or she has over the structure and layout of the house, and the cost-effectiveness and uniformity of the materials utilized. Multiple stories can be built, with one level being self-occupied and the others being rented, resulting in a constant revenue stream.

What Are the Benefits of an Independent House?

Living in a self-contained home offers various advantages, including: 

Excellent investment

Independent houses are excellent investments since they are larger and have a higher appreciation value than other types of property. These residences are also designed to meet your requirements.

A Home that meets your requirements

Independent houses are always customized. They are designed with your family’s wants and requirements in mind. It could be a custom-made luxury for an exclusive lifestyle. You have complete control over each and every facet of the construction.

Own Heaven 

Independent residences, unlike societies and flats, respect privacy. You get exclusive access to all of the facilities. Private terraces, gardens, pools, and other amenities are available. Although an independent house may not have all of the conveniences of a housing society, you can still enjoy the pleasure of choosing your own life.

Drawbacks of an Independent House

Though independent houses give the greatest level of luxury, they also have certain drawbacks, including: 

If you live alone in an independent house security is a matter of concern.

Adding facilities such as air conditioning, power backup, and other equipment may be costly, and controlling them can be problematic in some situations.

If you live in an independent house, you will not get the sports, health club facilities that are provided in a premium villa project, you may have to allocate a budget for such activities separately. You’ll have to summon the service guys every time the lights go out or whatever else goes wrong. Which is practically not that easy in most parts of Thrissur or Kerala.

If you frequently travel for business, maintaining household security might be a headache. You would not be allowed to possess the areas for your garden or to roam about in the case of expensive lands such as tier 1 or metros.

The Benefits of a Gated Community Villa…

Villas in a gated community have multi level, high-tech security measures, so you won’t have to worry about the safety and security of your family. Facilities management is no more a headache for a villa owner, since a maintenance team will be available to take care of such needs or emergencies for a nominal payment. After the introduction of RERA the builder/developer has a liability to provide free service for a minimum period of time.

Most of the premium villa projects have a clubhouse, gym, sports facilities, children play areas and other amenities. This means you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money for recreation. In the event that you must relocate, you can rent out your property and earn a substantial sum of money as rent.

In a premium villa project, you have options to choose 3 BHK or 4 BHK villas and there are provisions to park more than one car inside the villa compound. There will be separate Car Parking space for visitors. The advantage of owning a villa in a gated community is that all the owners are from a similar social strata.

In most of the premium/luxury villa projects at least one staff member might be employed to pay the water, electricity, or other bills, so that the owners can have hassle-free life in their premium villas.

Villas in a gated community or Independent Houses: Which is

To build an Independent house the hassles of buying a land with adequate water, road facilities,proximity to daily essentials and other needs is very high. Further finding an architect, engineer and contractor, negotiating with them on each and everything is a cumbersome process.

On completion and after the key is handed over the engineer or contractor doesn’t have a defect liability commitment and for every maintenance issue you have to run on your own. Whereas if you choose a villa in a gated community, the builder and developer does all the above said works since they have a well oiled system that takes care of these things.

Further they have a legal team to ensure the property is free from encumbrance and assist the buyers in bagging Home loans from banks. Although an independent house has many benefits, the community we live in will be of different social status, adjusting and living together doesn’t happen more often and the homes become islands in the community. Whereas in a gated community villas the community has a similar social strata and living together harmoniously is brought about by celebration of festivals, gatherings, meetings, etc.

Maintenance of an independent home, paying taxes, visiting village offices or municipal, corporation offices could be a harrowing experience for any, especially old people/ parents. However in a premium/luxury villa project there will be a customer relations team which would take care of all these activities at a nominal cost.

Imagine the peace that this will give to your old parents, who are the occupants of your villa most of the time. Independent houses are totally customized to meet the requirements of the family, whereas the villas in a premium project can be customized partially and internally to your requirements.

Bottom Line

The migration of the young workforce to the cities from smaller towns and villages is increasing day by day, leaving behind their parents to fend for themselves is the common scenario. In such a situation people living in their own independent houses are finding it difficult to manage many matters of their household as given above. So, understand the pros and cons of an independent house vis-a-vis a premium villa in a gated community, and choose your Home as an Asset wisely.

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