May 24, 2021

Aren’t we tired of being ordered to wash hands often? We simply do not have any choice. The new normal has brought in a new routine, a new set of hygiene practices that are to be followed to the hilt.


 Along with personal hygiene we need to keep our home and surroundings neat and clean to ensure health and happiness. Let this pandemic-induced lockdown be a wonderful opportunity to disinfect our living space, be it a luxury/premium apartment in Thrissur or a budget/premium villa in Thrissur. To make sure that everything is spotlessly clean and devoid of harmful, disease-spreading particles microbes, we may have to use harsh disinfecting chemicals.

Points to keep in mind while using chemical disinfectants

  • Safety first. Read the directions on the label of cleaning products carefully. They are given for a reason. Be wise and follow them.
  • It is highly advisable to wear gloves and/or goggles to protect yourself from hazardous elements in the product.
  • Remember to keep the windows open. If safety permits, allow ventilation through the doors as well.
  • Do not overuse the disinfecting product. Use the recommended amount quantity. These are usually harsh chemicals that can adversely affect the surface.
  • Use water at room temperature, if dilution is indicated. If it is specifically stated otherwise, follow the instructions on the label.

Life has become way too unpredictable, yet we must do everything in our capacity to keep the Corona Covid virus at bay. Let us start with cleaning our homes and virus-proof ing them. This is the least we can do to safeguard our loved ones. Let the whole family get involved in the process. Happy cleaning! Happy living!

TBPL wishes its customers health and happiness. Residing in a premium apartment in Thrissur or an affordable flat in Thrissur is more often than not, based on location and budget. However, in order to keep your residence spick and span, all you need is a little bit of will power and a handful of cleaning products.
Happy cleaning! Happy living!

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