Fabulous Indoor Garden Ideas in Kerala

Oct 16, 2019

These days people are becoming very innovative and creative while planning to decorate their apartments in Thrissur or flats in Thrissur. Because they believe this is not only the place where they can spend some time with their family members rather this is a place which stays adjacent to their heart. 

So, it’s their prime duty to keep their apartment beautiful and elegant in every possible way. That’s why the concept of an indoor garden for apartments is playing a pivotal role in today’s interior designing. Nowadays, the interior experts are coming up with some astounding indoor garden ideas which are getting appreciated and welcomed by the customers. An indoor garden decoration in the apartment (irrespective of the size and space available for gardening) not only uplifts the aesthetic look of the apartment but also makes the ambience serene and soothing for everyone.

Indoor gardening

Plants that can grow easily inside your house are known as indoor plants or house plants. Some popular indoor plants are Amaryllis, Angel Wing Begonia, Areca Palm, Birds Nest Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Donkey’s tail, Coral Cactus, and House tree Leek. These plants require less maintenance and care as compared to the outdoor plants. These indoor plants not only accentuate the look of your house but also they uplift the quality of indoor air by absorbing carbon-dioxide and supplying oxygen.

Anyone can start indoor gardening or vegetable gardening with a little bit of planning regarding the indoor apartment space which is available for gardening. Depending on your space, you can get a chunk of indoor garden ideas apartment that can be experimented in a good way. These days, you will get a plethora of indoor garden ideas from the internet. You can even consult with an expert who will embrace you with some new and astonishing ideas for indoor gardening.

Here, we are mentioning some fabulous indoor garden ideas for your flat which you have purchased from an eminent builder in Thrissur.

Magnetic Cork Garden

These small and eye-catching cork planters are very beautiful to look at. And at the same time, they are the right choice where you can plant some succulents and tiny plants for indoor gardening. Now, by using your creativity, you need to make these compelling and eye-catching magnetic planters and try to attach them to various places like your fridge or other metallic objects.

Rusty Toy Truck Planter

If you have children, then you can easily get an old and rusty toy truck to create this type of planter. Once you got the toy truck, you can plant succulents and other small indoor plants. Now, you need to keep it in such a place where it will get adequate sunlight. In this case, a window or a balcony could be an ideal place where you can keep this toy truck. This is a great way to reuse your old and discarded rusty toy truck.

A Rustic Metal Box

You can grow small and tiny indoor plants at many places of your house even if you have limited space for gardening. A small rustic metal box would be a great choice for fabulous indoor garden ideas that you should try. You need to pick up some good looking and succulent plants and keep them inside the planter metal box. Now you can place this box on your centre table or on the dining table where it will get enough attraction and appreciation from your guests.

Self-Watering Soda Bottle Planter

This is an ideal project for the beginners and the novice gardeners. This DIY project will never burn your pocket because you only need minimal suppliers to accomplish this project. A soda bottle self-watering planter is ideal for those who often forget to water their plants. Apart from the bottle, you only need some soil and small indoor plants for this DIY project. You can place these bottles in front of your window so that the plants will get ample sunlight.

Teacup Herb Garden

Are you fed up with the same humdrum look of your teacups? If yes, then don’t throw them instead you can use them in making herb garden. You can easily grow a herb garden in your old and vintage cups that you no longer use. This will not only elevate the look of your house but also in this way, you can create your own garden. You can place these cups in any place of your house like on the top of the study table or corner table or even centre table. You can also keep them on the rack of your kitchen.

Rustic Wooden Frame Garden

If you have limited space for indoor gardening, then why don’t you use your walls for this purpose? Most of the people usually adorn their walls with photo frames, sceneries, wall hangings, and other decorative items. But you need to think in a different way if you want your apartment will stand out from others. In this context, a rustic wooden frame garden will certainly bring new charm to your home. Just fix a rustic wooden frame on your wall and then, fix a few green plants along with the pots on it. This will look fresh, lively, vivacious, and certainly fabulous. Ready to flaunt your indoor garden in front of your guests? Then, try this one.

A Corner Garden

Every apartment or home has some corners where you have no idea what to do. Most of the people usually ignore these corners as they find these are useless space in their home or apartment. But with your creativity, you can easily create a bamboo garden in your corner which will certainly attract the attention of your guests. This is a fabulous indoor garden idea by which you can convert unused space into a small and eye-catching garden.

Use Your Balcony

Your apartment has a small balcony and you are getting worried about how to decorate it in an innovative way? Because decorating a balcony is a tricky job as you need to consider many factors like the aesthetic look, accessibility, and certainly your budget. If you are creative enough, you can decorate your balcony with some indoor plants. Just hang some plants on the railing and keep small pots on the floor. This is an amazing decorative idea which will never burn your pocket. Now, just place a cane sofa and enjoy the breathtaking view of your indoor garden.

Mason Jar Planter

Every household has a chunk of mason jars which are often used to store or preserve food and spices. But this is the time when you need to use these mason jars in a different way. Why don’t you consider these jars as planters and plant some succulent, herbs, and other plants that don’t grow longer in these jars? You can place these jars in anywhere of your apartment or house. These will certainly add charm and calmness to your home.

Pallet Herb Garden

The popularity of vertical garden is increasing day by day. Though earlier, this type of gardens are popular in office or public places, now, people are adopting this indoor garden trend to decorate their apartments or houses. You can easily make an indoor garden using recycled pallets. These indoor plants not only improve the look of your house but also they provide a plethora of health benefits land purify indoor air. You can get a professionally designed living wall but that will cost a few pence. On the other hand, there is a DIY version which is easy and cheap.

Chalkboard Planters for an Indoor Garden

Are you looking for a budget-friendly indoor garden? Then, you should go for this idea. You can effortlessly make cute chalkboard labels on your old jars, crates, and storage boxes. You just need to paint these things first and then place colourful labels on them. You can plant aloe, rosemary, sage, etc. in these types of chalkboard planters.

Whitewashed Wine Crate Window Box

If you are a DIY person, then you love to do this project. By painting your old and unused wine crate box, you can use it as a planter. Once it is ready, you can plant various herbs, succulents, and other tiny plants on it. For this type of indoor garden, you only need minimal tools and this will also fit in your budget.

Ladder Planter

A ladder is an ideal choice or addition to limited space. This is a great choice for those who are living in a tiny apartment. Once you have the ladder, then you can decorate it with colourful pots and jars. Now, you need to pick up some bushy and tiny plants which you can place on those pots. This indoor garden will certainly help you to get a compliment from your guests. Also check out advantages of apartment living here.

These are some fabulous indoor garden ideas which will take your apartment to the next level. With the help of the internet, you can find some more beautiful and innovative indoor garden ideas for your newly purchased flats in Thrissur.

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