Advantages of Luxury Apartment Living

Oct 18, 2019

People planning  to build their dream homes is only a memory for urban Keralites today. The lifestyle scenario in Kerala is taking up a different shape with more number of people opting for apartment living.

Luxury apartment living is becoming a great hit, with the boom in modernization & sophistication, emergence of industrialization, soaring land prices, housing prices, rising population and the need for better security homes are some of the factors that has led people to abandon the thoughts of owning an independent home.

Moreover, as joint families are now breaking into nuclear families, the need for big luxurious villas and houses are becoming less popular among the new gen. Even maintaining these individual houses is quite a tedious job. So, when you can plan all the luxury in a smaller place and in half the budget, you would certainly opt for a luxury apartment living rather than living in a bungalow.

Thrissur, the land of Poorams is among those cities that has witnessed a strikingly colossal real estate development in the recent years. When cities like Cochin, Trivandrum & Calicut, have already embraced luxury apartment living, it is now the time for Thrissur to set the stage to welcome apartment style of living.

People are bidding a goodbye to the traditional myths of independent living, and knowing the advantage of apartment living , they have paved the way to the emergence of a large number of apartments and flats in Thrissur as well.

Here, we shall discuss some of the advantages of buying apartments and flats in Thrissur over individual homes.

Building relationships

Unlike independent homes, where a single home is attached with a vast area of land, and there is no chance for people in one home to even know what is happening over the space beyond their compound walls.Whereas the advantages of apartment living is that it unveil the way to fostering and building friendships between apartment dwellers.

People living in independent homes rarely make an attempt to acquaint with their neighbors or they might pour in an occasional hi-bye while emptying the bins outside their homes, the scenario is different between people sharing the same building. People know each other and constantly gather to exchange the ties of communal living.


Apartments come with lesser space when compared to independent houses. It does not mean that the space will be too less for accommodation, but you will have ample of space to live comfortably.

When you have lesser space, you will not dump in a lot of things to fill up everywhere, which is not appealing to the appearance of your flatAlso, these days all apartments are well-equipped with all the luxuries and sophisticated amenities, essential for an ultra modern living style.


No one takes the pain to build gymnasiums or swimming pools for their houses. But with apartment living you have the access to a wide range of amenities including swimming pools, gymnasiums, rooftop hangouts, golf clubs, tennis court, secure car spaces, lovely balconies, children’s play area and much more. Check out some small apartment balcony ideas here.

Where else can you find a supermarket at a hand’s distance when you run short for groceries or anything and everything for that matter? These are some enviable perks of apartment living that you can hardly ever experience in an independent living scenario.


If you are a new to buying houses, then why not choose the best one as your first home. The top builders in Thrissur are weaving magical apartment living styles at affordable prices blending in the most modernized amenities for a happy living experience.

The reduced gas and electric bills are some of the perks of living in an apartment. With lesser space, the power utilization comes down and you can save a lot on the electricity and water bills.


Most of the completed and upcoming apartments in Thrissur are located at serenic spots away from the bustling city life, close to nature. All these  flats and apartments are at an accessible distance from the city’s major locations and are easily reachable via road or rail and the nearest airport being Nedumbasseri. Though these apartments are trendy and modernized, they exhibit the traditional touch of our prestigious land.


This is one of the issues that are faced by most of the independent home owners. While they strive hard to maintain their houses and deal with its wear and tear, the flats in Thrissur are equipped with the most modern amenities and engineering design concepts implying almost zero maintenance. Also, every individual building has an apartment owners Association that provides the necessary assistance in case of any major issues that needs to be fixed.


Security is one of the reasons why people prefer the safety of Luxury flats in Guruvayur over independent homes. Advantages of living in an apartment is that is secured with intercoms, CCTV’s and separate alarms in case of an emergency; while the building also has secure entrances and security staffs that are appointed to ensure you have a sound sleep without any interruptions or the fear of theft.

Apartment living is quite affordable and brings you closer to people, improvising your lifestyle with sophisticated living amenities that is safe and secure without the concern of maintenance at an accessible point from the different parts of the city.

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