9 Tips to Increase Property Value of Your Home

Oct 18, 2019

People keep on tweaking and researching on tips to make their homes beautiful. Do you feel there is something about your home that brings down its appeal? Most of the times people add a new room to make up for the appeal that their homes seem to lack. By doing this, they are committing a big mistake.The next time you feel like adding a new room, abandon the thought and instead renovate your home that will indeed be helpful to increase home property value.Whether you are planning to sell or to enjoy the happiness of living in your dream home, this is what you need.

In fact, it is one of the best if you have really thought on how to increase the property value of your home.  We know what you are thinking of right now. The expenses can take you nowhere emptying your vaults if you are doing it without proper planning.  To get more knowledge click on property document checklist.

Some people visit the market and buy all those goodies that they can find there. They bring these things home and stuff up the entire place. And the mess is even worse! What a pity? You end up lowering the appeal even more than that it was when all you wanted was to lift it up. Now don’t give up! We are here to help you with some easy tweaks that are cheap and will lift up the appeal of your homes in an instant. Ready? Here are the nine tips that are cheap and will increase the property value of your home:

Consult an Expert

Realtors and interior designers are two categories of people who can provide you with expert advice on how to increase your property value. But, when you choose a realtor ensure that they are experts. The ones who have connections with the top builders in Thrissur can provide you with great ideas. They have already seen many of those ready to occupy flats and apartments in Thrissur.

In fact, they know what works well with the buyer personas and what are the latest trends. Seek their help.When it comes to interior designers, don’t think they will provide you with free advice. They have their rates for providing consultation. It’s their profession, but the results are the best.Even changing the paint or some tweaks like shifting the furniture can help to lift up the home’s appeal. But only experts can predict what works out and what does not.

Paint your Home

This is something that we all ignore because we are deliberately unaware of how it can help. Worn off paints bring down the appeal of your home. Also, experts say that it can generate negative vibes. This can disturb the positive aura. Intense white, compatible cream, different shades of blues and greens are some of the paint ideas. Also, you can choose to paint your bedrooms and kitchen in a different color. Bedrooms painted in Lavenders and baby pink have a great appeal than other dull colors. Paint your home in colors that you love and experience the impact of positive energy. Here are some  low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

Uplift your Kitchen

If you are planning to sell your house, then the kitchen is one of the aspects that will drive money. When a buyer or realtor comes to your home, the first thing that they will notice is the kitchen. It is where the health cooks. The best tips to increase the value of your home is make your kitchen clean and modern. If the kitchen appeases them, then more than 75% of the decision is already made. Inspect your kitchen from a buyer’s perspective. Think of how you would rate your kitchen if you were to buy it. Check for the sink, replace it if it is rusty or get it cleaned if it stinks. Replace old kitchen cabinets with new ones if they appear torn. Check for leaks, and broken pipes. Get these repaired. Small tweaks can bring about a huge turnover. Checkout some home selling tips.

Renovating your Bedroom

This is one of the rooms that can help to increase the property value of your home. It is where people rest after a hectic and tiring day at work. They think of these aspects when they inspect a bedroom.

If you are wondering as to how to increase your property value by simply working on bedroom spaces, there are few easy hacks that can give a different look to the room overall. Paint it in some beautiful colors, the shades of pink and lavender are most welcome. Then, you can shift the position of beds, and remove unwanted furniture and mirrors, if any. Mirrors seem to bring discord into the family if placed in the bedroom.Ventilation is a necessity that you need to consider when renovating your bedroom.  You can check out home electrical safety tips.

Cleanliness Ensures a Healthy Life

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when you are increasing the appeal of your home. When was the last time you took some effort to clean your home? Stinking and dingy rooms welcome illnesses. If you continuously fall sick, try cleaning up your house. This could be one of the reasons triggering sickness. Clean up everything, remove all the waste. Replace torn rugs and carpets. Wash the curtains and cushion covers. Replace these with new ones if they are torn. Clean your lawn and garden. Indulge in some gardening, cut short the grasses and clear off the wild plants. You can even plant some roses, tulips, and orchids that help to enhance the beauty of your garden. Let it be clean, green and colorful.

Go Green

Save some energy by going green. Also, it helps to reduce the utility bills. Use energy efficient bulbs. Let us contribute our part to protecting the ozone layer that is depleting every day. Many of the top builders in Thrissur are already using the green technology for their flats and apartments. This has helped to increase the value of these flats and apartments. They have tried it and found that it attracts buyers and increases the value of homes. So, you can go green!!! Here are some fabulous indoor garden ideas.

Inspect your Bathroom

When you sell your home, this is one of the rooms that plays a significant role in pleasing the buyer. Ensure that it is clean. There is no investment required to clean the floors and tiles and keep them tidy. If there are broken tiles, replace these. Check whether the plumbing and electricity are in working condition. If not, replace these. Give a lift to the dull and dirty showers and the tub. It is one of the things that attracts the attention of the buyer. Small fixtures can drive significant returns.

Doors and Windows

What are the condition of your home’s doors and windows? It would be great if you can replace the outdated and traditional doors and windows with new ones. Buyers usually look for trendy things and the doors and windows are the ones that come to their notice as they enter your house. If these are appealing, then they have made up half of their mind already.


The floors need to be changed now. Do you think anyone would want to invest money in something that is old-fashioned? Now, when there are many ready to occupy flats and apartments in Thrissur that are equipped with the latest facilities and amenities. If you have that old mosaic tiles in your home, it is high time you considered replacing it with new ones.

Are you planning to sell your house? What are the tweaks or improvisations you included to increase its value? Share your comments and feedback with us…

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