5 Tips On How You Can Incorporate Eco-Friendly Practices In Your Apartment

Sep 01, 2021

You can create a positive living space by incorporating aspects of the environment in it. Along with this, you can recognise toxic products and wasteful practices.

Thus, practising a little mindfulness and sustainability can go a long way. They will allow you to have an eco-friendly yet chic apartment!

Here are some tips on how you can live sustainably and have an eco-conscious home!

  • Creating Green Zones And Adding Indoor Plants

    You can create tiny herb gardens or vegetable patches in your terrace or room to harvest them for cooking. You can even add flowering plants to your terrace or balcony to create an aesthetically pleasing space. This space can even act as your relaxation spot during your hectic schedule. Seeking peace and comfort in plants is probably one of the best ways to unwind!Additionally, having plants in your living space can help improve your health drastically. Standard products that we use in our homes like paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Such chemicals release toxins over time and are dangerous to our health. Thus, in such cases, indoor plants act as natural filters and can absorb these toxins. They provide us with cleaner air to breathe and are eco-friendly.You can also opt for high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters. But, plants are much cheaper and greener alternatives. Not only do they give us better health in the long run, but they also add lots of colour to our lives! So to spice up your luxury apartments in Thrissur, try adding indoor plants! You may even see that plants add to your overall well-being and holistic growth.
  • Opt For Vintage Furniture Over Freshly Manufactured Ones

    Adding retro-style or pre-loved furniture can add quirk to your residence. Such a practice is both economically and environmentally sustainable. You can visit local thrift stores or antique collectors to find yourself some hidden gems! These pieces will not only add value to your apartment but also make it one of a kind!Another reason to favour this new-age furniture collection is due to the potential health hazards of new furniture. Try to find furniture made from reclaimed or reused wood. While doing this, also be mindful of the type of wood since not all woods are eco-friendly!New furniture may be harmful to you due to improperly harvested wood. The final coating found on wooden items contains large amounts of VOCs that are toxic to your health. Thus, make sure you pay attention to your furniture to avoid any health issues in the long run!You can always opt for materials like bamboo, steel or glass for decor purposes. They can also double as durable and sustainably sourced furnishings that will make your apartment stand out!
  • Ventilate Your Apartment Well

    Regardless of the season or weather outside, leave your windows open. Make it a habit to open your windows first thing in the morning. This will allow fresh air to come in and play around. It will also get rid of toxins and the excess carbon dioxide present in the house because of your indoor plants.It is essential to leave your windows open to let air and sunlight in. The diffused sunlight is vital for your plants to thrive. Soon enough, you will see that the clean air and sunlight not only uplift your living space but improves your mood and energy levels too!
  • Pay Close Attention To Your Cleaning Products

    One of the best eco-friendly apartment practices you can employ is the use of green cleaning products. Most detergents and soaps are plagued with toxins and result in environmental pollution. Instead, you can opt for traditional means of cleaning such as using baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. Doing this is great not just for your surroundings but your health too.
  • Implement The 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

    One of the best and universal advice when it comes to being environmentally mindful is to reduce consumption. You can do this by reducing energy level consumptions. For this, you can install LED lights, energy-efficient devices, etc.

    Although we’d love to have a set of coordinated storage containers, stop and think! Is it worth it? Is the aesthetics of the inside of your shelves worth the environmental repercussions? If so, fret not! You can create a fun and coordinated storage system by the simple process of reusing.Instead of throwing away jam jars, coffee flasks, or even lotion bottles, you can creatively reuse them to store cereals, snacks and even your cute knick-knacks! It will not only keep you creatively occupied but also add unique touches to your apartment!

    Recycle (not ideal, in apartment buildings this shall not be permitted as per do’s and don’ts rules. Almost all apartments shall have common compost system for wet waste management, that can be mentioned here.)Recycling in an apartment setting can be done in the form of wet waste composting. In this practice, you can create composting pits in your utility or balcony. By adding your daily kitchen (biodegradable) waste to the bins and with the help of microbes, you’ll have organic manure! The same manure that you can use to supplement your indoor plants’ growth!Eco-Friendly Apartment Living!

    Living in such hectic times, we must be mindful of our consumption levels. We can try to do our bit when it comes to being conscious of the environment. By employing such practices and making them a part of our daily living, we can make our apartment living experience more enjoyable and environmentally conscious.Always remember what George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Even the tiniest effort makes a huge difference. It’s time for us to change our minds and be the change! For ourselves, for our loved ones, for our environment.

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