17 Pre-Requisite Monsoon Tips for Home

Oct 18, 2019

Are you living in a flat in Thrissur where there is a distinct monsoon season? Then, you must be aware of how much pleasure and frustration this season brings. This season helps you to get rid of the sweltering heat of the summer and simultaneously, it also evokes your emotions. Though this is a vivacious season which fills everything with life, still, this particular time of the year brings myriad of problems. If you ignore these problems, then they might have the potential to do long-term damage to your abode.

In this article, we are going to describe some essential monsoon tips for home. If you follow these tips, then you can stay calm and relaxed and can enjoy this season wholeheartedly. Also check out here for things to consider before buying an apartment in Kerala.

Waterproof your Roof

A roof is an important thing which should be sturdy and robust during the monsoon season. You should scrutinize your roof thoroughly and any defect should be addressed before the rains arrive. Roofs and terraces are affected mostly by torrential rains, hence they should be cleaned and coated with a waterproofing agent to prevent seepage during this monsoon season. Waterproofing also prevents the growth of moss on the walls. You should check all the leakages and weak wall joints and if required, bring a deft mason to fix the same. If you are purchasing a home or an apartment from an eminent builder in Thrissur, ask your builder to do waterproofing for your roof.

Fill the Gaps to Avoid Fungus

This is the season when fungus and mould thrive rapidly. To prevent their growth, you should find all the loose hinges or gaps on your doors and windows which are preventing them from closing properly. Once you have identified them, try to plug them quickly to prevent the growth of the fungus as well as damages caused by water leakages. If your house has metal-framed doors and windows, then by repainting them, you can avoid rusting and also prevent rain from seeping through them. You also ensure that moisture doesn’t penetrate and create fungus on your bathroom tiles and gaps. So, fill the gaps between all bathroom tiles because the bathroom is a place which carries the most moisture of your home.

Wrap Up your Costly Rugs and Carpets

Though rugs and carpets can enhance the aesthetic look of your home, still, this is not the right time to use them. Because they not only get affected by dirty footwear but they also encourage the growth of mould and mildew if the air remains continually damp. So, it is recommended to roll them up and store them in a dry place.

Opt for Umbrella Stands

Umbrellas and raincoats are an integral part of the monsoon season. This is the time that you need to set up an umbrella stand where you can keep your umbrellas and raincoats. Now, place this stand at the entrance to prevent water from dripping all across your floor. This is very convenient for the family members as well as for guests. Nowadays, the markets are crammed with many eye-catching umbrellas stands which are very effective and handy.

Replace all the Heavy Curtains

Monsoon days are cloudy and low on sunshine. So, you don’t need to keep thick and opaque curtains on your doors and windows. Now, this is the time that you need to replace all your heavy curtains with transparent and light-weighted ones. While choosing a curtain, always go for bright colors like yellow or orange because these colors will brighten up your rooms. Try to avoid light-colored hues like white or beige. Because you face difficulties to clean and maintain them during this grubby monsoon season.

Check your Drainage and Sewage System

Just before the monsoon, get the local authorities and request them to look for any possible blockages or leakages in the sewage systems and gutters around your house. It can be an arduous job to work around blockages or get them de-silted when rain is in full mood. Also, check whether there is any clogged drain or pipe in and around your house. If your house possesses a rainwater harvesting system, then this is the right time to clean the filters, storage, and separator systems. If you are living in flats or apartments in Thrissur or elsewhere you should inform your association to clear the terrace area all downward pipes and drainage.

Place Shades on your Windows and Balconies

During torrential rain or heavy downpours, windows and balconies are the easiest way through which rainwater enter your house. To prevent this thing, you need to install sturdy and robust shades on your windows and balconies so that rainwater can easily flow down and out.

Store your Kitchen Ingredients Properly

You are planning to prepare your favorite dish and for this, you opened your precious spice jar. Now, you get shocked to see that everything clumped up with moisture and missing on the aroma. This is certainly a disheartening condition, right? So, you need to store all your kitchen ingredients properly during the monsoon season. Keep everything in airtight containers and keep them away from damp areas. Roast your spices before storing them in airtight containers. Vegetables get rotten in a faster way during the monsoon season. So, wrap them in a newspaper and keep them in a sealed zip bag. Now, you can store them in your refrigerator for a long time.

Take Care of your Furniture

These days, wooden furniture and furnishing are in trends. Because they will not only enhance the appearance of your home but also give a vintage look to your home. But you need to maintain them and keep them safe in this monsoon season. Because this is the season when fungus and termite infestations in furniture are common. You can prevent this, by placing camphor, neem or bay leaves inside your closet and furniture. You can place your furniture like sofa, cabinet or wardrobe at least a few inches away from the damped walls or floorings. You can even wax or seal the edges with lacquer to prevent your wooden furniture from absorbing moisture.

Place Candles and Fragrances to all Over your Home

Rainy season often brings an unpleasant muddy smell which is quite annoying. This is the time that you need to place candles and fragrances on your coffee table or centre table so that you can easily light them up. These candles and fragrances actually remove the smell from the downpours. You can try citrus fragrances like lemongrass or lavender to keep your house refreshing and energizing.

Check Electrical Fittings Properly

Another disadvantage of the rainy season is, it encourages electrical malfunctions. The risk of electrocution also enhances during this season. If there is any loose or exposed wiring or sockets, this can lead to short circuit and electrical damage. So, check all electrical fittings properly. If there is any loose wiring, fix it immediately to lessen the risk of moisture penetrating the sockets.

Change your Upholstery

Are you a monsoon lover and want to enjoy this season unstintingly? Then, you should change the humdrum look of your house and give a monsoon makeover to your upholstery. You can incorporate some rain themed bedsheets into your room. Colorful and bright curtains are a great way to change the decor of your room for this season.

Check your AC

Very often humidity level goes up during the monsoon. During this season, you need to stay inside and switch on your AC to enhance your comfort level. Thus, you need to ensure that your AC is working properly. So, cleaning and maintenance of the AC are very much required during this particular season.

Rearrange your Plants

Some plants get benefited if you keep them outdoors during the monsoon season. But at the same time, certain plants need to be moved indoors for their safety. Stake down young plants because they can’t tolerate torrential rain or strong winds. Go for some of the fabulous indoor garden ideas.

Use Bamboo or Cane Decor

For this particular season, try to use bamboo or cane decor items as much as possible. Replace all wooden furniture with these items because they don’t absorb moisture easily and that’s why less susceptible to moulds and mildews. The markets are thronged with a chunk of options, so you can choose any of them which goes well with the rest of the decor of your home.

Store Up for Emergencies

Though rain brings happiness and pleasure, still, sometimes continuous heavy downpour may lead to a flood-like situation. If this happened, then markets, stores, shops, etc. will remain closed for a few days. So, you should stock up on adequate drinking water along with essential items like groceries, food, candles, and batteries as aprecautionary measure. There are several water conservation tips for apartments.

Cozy Corners

Monsoon arouses different emotions for different people. Whether you like solitude or want to spend time with your friend or want to sip a cup of cappuccino, you can’t go outside while raining. Thus, a cozy corner is must in the monsoon season where you can spend time as per your wish. So, prepare one corner immediately.

These are some monsoon tips for home which you should follow if you want to enjoy the rainy season with your family.  If you are living in flats or apartments in Thrissur or elsewhere the advantages of apartment living is that you have good neighbors to help each other in times of need. The rainy season is always intriguing and fascinating. Make your home ready in every possible way so that it you can welcome the monsoons without any unpleasant experience.

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