Why TBPL!!!


    Selection of Site: We give importance to Vaastu friendly & eco- friendly sites having potable water source as well as drainage facilities. We see that proper access road is there to the main road, proximity to educational institutions, medical facilities, post office, banks, temple, church etc and shops for the day to day needs.

    Legal Clearance: Before buying the land, we see the merits and demerits of the land, whether the land is a genuine residential plot or a paddy/wet land, whether the land documents are clear, do not have any encumbrance, all back documents are in order, etc. We take legal opinion of 3 reputed lawyers approved by major banks before buying the property.


    Plan and Preparation: We conduct the topographical survey of the land with contours. We collect soil samples from different locations. We also conduct soil tests with the bore holes to find the safe bearing capacity of soil for structural design of the foundation of the building.

    Then we start the project with well experienced professional team such as Architects, Structural consultants, Electrical consultant, Plumbing consultant, Sanitation, Fire & Safety etc. with proper estimate. The architectural consultant and structural consultant will prepare the master plan of the project. Once the plan is final, we then submit them to the local authorities like corporation /municipality/panchayath etc. After getting the building permit, the detailed estimate and the detailed drawings along with structural design, plumbing designs and electrical design etc are prepared.

    Execution of Work: Our works are being carried out on labour contract basis only through experienced contractors. We engage our well experienced Engineers and technical team for satisfactory workmanship. We purchase only superior quality branded items from good reputed companies with standard ISI trademark. We conduct regularly all the necessary tests as per the engineering practices at site as well as at reputed laboratories. Building materials like cement, steel, bricks, marbles, granites, tiles, sand, stone metal etc. are also tested periodically and then the materials of good quality are only being used in our works. Before concreting, we check the reinforcements whether they are as per the structural design, the ultimate tensile strength, elongation etc. The grading of stone metal & sand, silt content, moisture content etc are also checked at site before concreting. We take samples of concrete in the cube moulds and test it after 7 days and if necessary, at 28 days to find out the actual compressive strength of the concrete to see whether the design strength is achieved.

    We purchase good quality of seasoned wood in logs. We store this wood logs for a particular period for further seasoning and make into proper sizes for doors and windows etc. We ensure that good quality of materials is only used in our works.

    During execution of the work, our site engineers will check the proportioning of cement mortar, cement concrete etc. and the lines and levels of concrete block masonry, hollowness of joints in the masonry, lines and levels of the plastering. Before slab and column concreting, Shuttering work will be checked to fill up the gaps, supports provided at the bottom, lines and levels and plumb of the columns etc. For the tile flooring work, the hollowness, lines and levels, Flooring pattern etc. are also checked. Over the cement plastering, putty is applied to get a smooth and even surface. Painting work is executed by a very experienced team of painters. In addition to the quality control by our site engineers, we have got an efficient team of engineers who go to the site periodically and check the quality of materials used in the work and the workmanship. If the workmanship is not satisfactory, we rectify the defects after dismantling them.

    That is why TBPL has got a very clear edge over other builders for ensuring good quality and good finish for our buildings.


    TBPL has got an efficient and experienced team of customer care executives to look after all the needs of all our customers. Customer care wing will interact with all our customers regularly from foundation stone laying to the key handing over ceremony. We inter act with our customers regularly and incorporate their suggestions in the drawings as far as possible. Hence our customers are a relaxed and a satisfied lot and happy to associate with our future projects.


    We care our customers even after the sales, and we have a separate Customer Relation team to take care of all our customers. They visit all our completed projects periodically to enquire about the welfare of the residents and listen to any issues and get it resolved as quickly as possible.

    We do take up certain activities in our completed projects like medical camps, environment day celebration, anniversary, New year celebrations, etc.

    We are proud to say that our customers are our strength and time and again it has been proved that their support has made us move from strength to strength through this 3 decades of our existence in the construction industry.

    Own Luxury Flats and Apartments in the Cultural Capital City Thrissur

    TBPL Builders Thrissur offers a sophisticated spectrum of luxury living in line with your expectations of a dream home. The customer is our king, and our success lies in your happiness. Today, we are not only one of the top builders Thrissur but also striving to become the best builders Thrissur. Thrissur Builders offers you flats in thrissur, luxury Apartments Thrissur and villas in thrissur with modern luxurious lifestyle facilities.

    Our experience in creating the best living spaces, which gives all the comfort of a good home brings us the reputation that we enjoy today.

    We set out to create a niche in the construction industry around 30 years back. Since then there was no looking back for us. Builders Thrissur invites you to enjoy the luxury of living in our signature class & sophisticated luxury Apartments Thrissur and Guruvayoor. We have successfully delivered 46 projects serving around 1800+ families.

    Redefine your luxury life by choosing luxury Flats in Thrissur

    We specialize in building premium flats Thrissur with all essential amenities for a luxurious yet simple living. The excellence of quality is our trademark, and each of our completed and ongoing villas in thrissur and apartment projects in Thrissur and Guruvayur flaunts the aesthetic stroke of professionalism, which only an expert can offer. Our luxury apartments including flats in thrissur, villas in Thrissur are constructed on the most modern concepts of engineering without losing the essence of Kerala’s traditional architecture. All TBPL luxury premium flats in thrissur are all located in a prime location and they are well connected to all means of transportation. Thus, owning flats in thrissur, is definitely a matter of pride and an asset for lifetime. Especially when buying a luxury apartment, it is also fulfilling a longing wish of a craving heart to dwell close to beloved Lord and an opportunity to fall in love with the pristine serenity of the place.

    Much more than this is our excellent after-sales and post handing over service to our customers. With that said, we welcome you to enjoy the mesmerizing awesomeness of living in your dream home so close to all your needs.

    We do believe that the best builders thrissur has much social responsibility. The process of construction of the building is not a mere business. It is a blend of imagination and creativity with utmost commitment. When we materialize one’s dream house or a firm’s esteemed office, we are responsible for each rupee of our customer’s hard-earned money. It is our prime duty to fulfil their dreams beyond their expectation. We also have to consider the state of our mother earth and try our best to make environment-friendly flats in thrissur, villas in thrissur. The secret of our success lies in fulfilling these responsibilities – to our customers and to our planet.


    On behalf of Periyar Theeram Owners Association.i would like to thank you for the timely help your office has rendered to overcome the damage affected to us during floods.
    We would also like to thank Mr.Ramachandran for coor..


    Secretary-Periyar Theeram Owners Association

    First of all I would like to introduce myself to you. I am N. Gopalakrishnan, 73 years of age living in flat no: E-1, Alakkananda Residency apartment on Chungham Kerala Varma road, Trichur, built by TBPL.

    I have been stayi..


    E-1 Alakananda residency

    A word of appreciation to your team .TBPL has made sure their project meets the investor’s demands. They were very transparent in all their dealings and even stayed in touch after handover to settle any issues of my. The hi..

    Mr. Krishna das

    Kalindi A6,
    North bus stand thrissur

    TBPL Brand Ad

    MD'S Message

    Er. K.A Padmakumar BE, FIE, C Eng (I)​

    We at TBPL understand that a home or an office is one of the most important components of an individual’s life, hence we put our heart and soul into every project, ensuring that the highest standards are met, also that projects are completed and handed over before scheduled dates, thereby providing customers value for their money and the trust they endow on us. We understand all of us are responsible for preserving our planet, hence great care is taken by us when executing a project, ensuring green construction methodologies are employed wherever possible. To sum it up, we remain committed to our customers and our planet. I also take this opportunity to thank all our esteemed customers, who have bestowed their trust in us and in the process helped us grow and reach where we are today. We look forward to serving you in the future too.

    WE firmly believe in the golden words of our Mahatma, which are as follows;

    “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.”

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